Efficient, Informed Application

Precise full-field coverage from the air




Precise and Repeatable Coverage

Our autonomous, GPS and radar guided system provides exactly the coverage you want, where you want it. We work together to determine the ideal path plan, and the craft follows that plan exactly, every time.

No human error; no guesswork.

Never Miss an Edge

Our system can reach every corner of your field, and never leaves it.

Treelines, corners, powerlines, hills, waterway preservation, or irregular shaped fields aren’t a problem thanks to low altitude travel and any-direction pathing, and no overflights means less concern from neighbors.


Measurable Results

You’ll know exactly how much was applied, where that application took place, and at what time. Close the loop and feel comfortable taking action on soil samples, imaging, and more.

No more questions about whether you got what you paid for.


Standard volumes and speeds

The Kiwi Application System delivers the volumes of chemicals, seeds, and more that are needed by commercial farms.

Up to 20 gallons per acre coverage using typical nozzles and spray patterns, delivered at industry standard pricing.

How It Works


Step 1 - Preparation

After you request service, we’ll come to your farm to meet with you, understand your needs, survey your fields, and create a pathing plan detailing the exact areas to be treated.


Step 2 - Application

Next the Kiwi Application System will begin its work. The technician will mix in the required treatments with water, fill the craft, and hit go.

The craft will begin to fly the mission precisely as agreed to, only returning to home base for refills and battery swaps.

Step 3 - Reporting

When the mission is done, we’ll send you a report showing you exactly how much was applied, where, and when.

You can use this data to monitor yields, refine future paths and input volumes, and integrate with your existing farm management systems.

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